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We resolve disputes

We assist our clients to resolve disputes related to all aspects of wills, estates, probate and powers of attorney, including litigation and passing of accounts.  If Court proceedings are required, we are firm, fair, and effective advocates who prefer to move things forward as quickly and pragmatically as possible.  We believe strongly in the value of effective mediation.

We understand numbers and accounting.  We regularly assist with disputes related to attorney and executor accounts.

Fixed fees, Fair fees

Whenever possible we charge fixed fees, agreed in advance.

While we cannot know how a dispute will unfold and thus often cannot guarantee a flat fee for the entire proceeding, we will provide a budget for each step of each proceeding.  Contact us for a full discussion of costs for your case.

Success fees / contingency fees

Cannot afford a lawyer? Want someone to share the risk? We will consider assisting you on the basis that fees are ‘only payable upon success’. The maximum rate that we charge is 30% of what you recover (including ‘costs’ payable by the other side) plus HST.

Contingency fees are regulated by the Law Society and we employee the standard contingency agreement. You can access the LSO guide on contingency fees here.

Contact us for a full discussion of your circumstances and whether contingency fees are right for you.


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