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Accounting And FinanceEstate accounting requires skill, care, and effort.

Estate accounts are not the same as regular accounting. Preparing estate accounts in proper Court form requires detailed knowledge of the law, rules and practice, and it certainly helps if you have experience and specialized software.

Learn more estate accounts here, and about passing estate accounts here.

We can help. We assist executors and beneficiaries deal with all aspects of estate accounts, releases, and where required, passing accounts.

We help get results quickly and efficiently with:

  • Preparing accounts in the proper format;
  • Drafting releases;
  • Passing accounts, for both uncontested and contested applications;
  • Challenging accounts, including expenses and claimed compensation;
  • Forcing estate trustees to provide proper accounting;
  • Where required, demanding that the estate trustee pass their accounts (get Court approval).


Our fees for assisting with estate accounting – including orders to compel and executor to pass accounts, preparing accounts, and assisting executors to pass their accounts are found here: estate accounting costs.

For a free initial phone consultation please contact us, send us an email or use the online form.


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