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We resolve estate law disputes.

Resolving estate disputes requires special expertise: expertise in the law, and expertise in understanding how traumatic they can be for families.

We are firm, fair, and effective advocates who help our clients resolve disputes as quickly and pragmatically as possible.  We believe strongly in trying to keep the costs of litigation under control, and in mediation where appropriate.

On select matters we act on a ‘success fee’ basis, where our fees are only payable on success.

Probate disputes

  • Executor refusing to apply for probate?
  • Wrong person applying to be the estate trustee?
  • Estate trustee unsuitable or disqualified?
  • Will invalid?

Power of attorney disputes

  • Capacity of the grantor in issue?
  • Attorney not acting?
  • Attorney acting improperly?
  • Accounts required from the attorney?

Estate accounting and administration disputes

  • Executor refusing to provide accounts for the estate?
  • Executor claiming too much compensation?
  • Executor incurring unnecessary expenses?
  • Executor in a conflict-of-interest?
  • Executor ignoring or mis-treating beneficiaries?
  • Beneficiaries interfering with the executor?
  • Beneficiaries unjustly challenging the actions of the executor?
  • Beneficiaries refusing to consent to the accounts or provide a release?

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