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Estate accounting and the right to receive accounts

Executors must account for the estate, and beneficiaries are entitled to receive, review, and challenge the accounts including any compensation claimed by the executor. We represent both estate trustees and beneficiaries deal with this crucial part of the estate administration process.

Learn more here about here about estate accounting generally and when the courts are involved, the passing of accounts.

from $2500 For Executors
Contact us for a quote. - We require all receipts and statements. We prepare complete estate accounts in Court format for you. Estate accounts are in a unique format, and require detailed knowledge of the relevant law. They are rarely prepared by accountants. We help you generate full, accurate accounts, and to fully support your claim for compensation.
from $2500 For Executors
Contact us for quote - We represent you when you need Court approval of your accounts. If you are obliged to pass your accounts, we prepare all of the materials necessary for a judge to approve them (and to secure the consent of the Public Guardian & Trustee, where required). This is a specialized activity, and having experienced counsel can save you enormous amounts of time, cost, and grief.
from $2500 For Beneficiaries
Contact us for a quote - We help you get the accounting you are entitled to. Some executors are lazy or disorganized; other refuse to provide information to beneficiaries because they do not believe they have a duty to account. If the executor will not provide proper estate accounts, we help you get a Court order forcing the estate trustee to pass their accounts.
from $1000 For Beneficiaries
Contact us for quote - We help you scrutinize and challenge the accounting provided by the estate trustee, including the compensation they have claimed. Do not sign a release until you are satisfied with the estate accounts. Many executors claim too much compensation, and provide poor accounts. We help you force them to account properly.
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